Business Analyst/Functional Analyst


Graduate with a Master's degree in Business Analysis from ICHEC and ECAM.
I'm currently working as a Business Analyst on a security-related project. My role as BA/FA allows me to go more deeply into the business aspects while at the same time focusing on the system aspects.
I'm also curious about new technologies.
Targets in perspective : CPRE Certifications
2022 - 2024

In the context of the work-study program linked to my master’s degree, I am doing my second-year internship as an IT business and functional analyst within Sopra Steria Benelux. I actually work as BA/FA for ADS (Aeroline, Defence, Security) business unit.

2021 - 2022

For my work-study program linked to my master’s degree, I am doing my first year internship at Thalys as an IT business analyst


In order to improve my experience in the digital sector, I decided to launch myself as a freelance student offering web services related to my bachelor 


To complete my bachelor’s degree in e-business, I had to do a 4-month internship at Decathlon Belgium as a web marketer. 

Master's degree in Business Analyst

Requirements engineering

This course teaches the fundamental principles of requirements engineering and develops the technical and communication skills required by the Business Analyst. It teaches learners how to analyse the existing situation of a company and to formalise its requirements in terms of information systems.
The teacher will demonstrate how to set up a constructive dialogue with users in order to collect, understand and represent the needs in the framework of a common approach to automate and optimise the needs of this profession.
The teacher will show that this work of collection and formalisation calls for creativity and opens up prospects of added value for the actors.

Data structure

Mastery of a database management system, ability to design a data model and implement it for further use in software development.
Knowledge provided through the course
- Analyse existing information structures.
- Identify the needs for evolution of data structures
- Formalise data storage requirements
- Contribute to the choice of a data storage
- Ensure the availability of data
- Create a relational model

This course includes theoretical material that is essential for development in a computer environment where reading certain types of message formats is essential.- XML tagged and JSON structured data structures.
- Design of a relational model
- Installation and configuration of a database server.
- Creating a database, reading and writing SQL queries

IT project management

This course covers the fundamentals of the preparatory course for the PMI exam. It covers the principles and techniques of project management such as
- phasing and development cycles (PMI, RUP,
- principle of Agile methods
- the SCRUM example
- continuous quality improvement

Software design & development

Content description
- UML: understanding and designing class, sequence and activity diagrams
- Requirements and specifications
- Object, class and encapsulation (Object Oriented Programming )
- Association: composition, aggregation, inheritance
- Polymorphism, interface and abstract class
- Design patterns: iterator, decorator, strategy, observable
- Project management: versioning, debugging, testing and profiling
- Code quality and best practices
- Service-oriented architecture; SOA, ERP and ESB

A first experience in programming is essential.

Web architecture

This course allowed me to acquire knowledge on web architecture and the use of JS libraries.

This course also explains Progressive Web Apps and hybrid architecture. For the good understanding of the course a minimum knowledge of the following subjects is required: HTML, CSS, JS


This course provides the basic knowledge of programming. More particularly in the learning of the Python language which includes elementary concepts such as functions, methods and object orientation.

Web development

This course covers the basics of web programming languages. It includes the use of HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

It is a prerequisite course that covers the basics of the concepts that are essential to know in the world of web development. Coaching as well as a project allowed me to better understand the logic and understanding of the web

IT Governance

IT governance is the process of managing the strategy, implementation, control, and audit of IT projects and activities to align with the business objectives of the organization.

Relevant standards and guidelines ensure quality and compliance with regulatory and business requirements.

Business analysts are involved as project facilitators and change agents in helping to define technology requirements for projects, develop solutions and evaluate results to ensure compliance with IT governance standards.

Network & security

The Networking and Security course includes an explanation of how a computer network works and how to define the infrastructure requirements to provide security and continuity of information systems.